Real Estate

Providing Real Estate Investment Opportunities

Our real estate investment philosophy is based on our belief that the real estate market is imperfect and moves cyclically. We believe that value can be found through detailed research and analysis of the real estate market and of selected investment opportunities. This provides us with the opportunity to outperform the market.

We manage a broad range of open and closed ended real estate funds, offering investors exposure to both diversified and sector focused portfolios, and differing risk and return profiles. Investors can choose between single country funds and regional funds.

Real Estate Maintenance Contracts

A maintenance contract, explained as an agreement which supports many service businesses, is simply an agreement to maintain something. Common parts of a maintenance contract span across all needs. To begin the process, a maintenance contract agreement sets the expectations, timeline, requirements, price, and what is not included in the contract. Also known as the annual maintenance contract rules, these terms are usually negotiated by the two invested parties and is then finalized

Real Estate Development

Aibanco develops challenging, multidisciplinary real-estate projects with a high level of ambition. Creating added value begins with listening. We're engaged from the start. Our open, impartial approach allows us to get straight to the essence of your development project. We approach sustainability integrally, with smart building concepts that save energy, use materials responsibly, and are future-proof.

We create integrated residential areas and small-scale multi-use projects with excellent living conditions and recreational facilities. We also develop infrastructure, such as schools, healthcare centers, shops and attractive public areas.

Property Management

Real Estate Property Management involves understanding of operating expenses and budgeting. A firm knowledge of the area and competitive rental properties is required. Regular financial reporting to the owners is a major role to be managed.

Understanding the needs of the tenants is important for this function. The property manager must then respond to their requests, monitor their activities as regards the Lease Requirements, collect rent in a timely manner, and continually assess the tenants' satisfaction. Property management is also physical management of the structures and outdoor areas. Landscaping, electrical, plumbing, roof, walls, appliances, and much more are all part of the physical property.

What We Do Provide

Real Estate

Our real estate investment philosophy is based on our belief that the real estate market is imperfect and moves cyclically.

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Aibanco is a fast paced growing company, which has diverse interests in the supply of finished building materials.

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