Mission & Vision


Our Mission is to grow as a leading building materials distributor with quality as our Motto, in the regional market, as well as, expanding our Real Estate development portfolio. To use our knowledge and skills, to satisfy the needs and expectations of our clients.


If your Vision Statement is a statement of what is possible, the picture of the future you want to create, the critical question for a Community Benefit organization is then, "Vision for whom? For what?" From the perspective of your organization's ability to accomplish as much community impact as possible, now and into the future, the only answer can be that your organization's vision is for the future you want to create for the community you wish to impact.

Given that this sector is all about changing our communities and our world, I am amazed that the corporate version of a Vision Statement is still taught in this sector. But conference presenter after conference presenter continue to teach that "Your organization's Vision Statement is the picture of the future you want for the organization."

What We Do Provide

Real Estate

Our real estate investment philosophy is based on our belief that the real estate market is imperfect and moves cyclically.

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Aibanco is a fast paced growing company, which has diverse interests in the supply of finished building materials.

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