About us

AIBANCO is a privately owned company operating in both real estate and trading sectors: AIBANCO strategy is based on provisioning distinctive and varied business opportunities and has successfully secured projects in various real estate segments and aims to further expand in Local and international real estate markets.

AIBANCO Trading and real estate development sector grows hand-in-hand by providing high quality materials for different stages of real estate projects as well as support functionalities.

AIBANCO effectively utilize its distribution channels which has been established based on trust under the principle of sharing success, where a philosophy of a Win-Win scenario is always embraced.

AIBANCO operating as a family owned business has a very successful history in developing and maintaining Real Estate properties in the region for the past 35 years. We have experience in handling Residential Villas, Investment properties and Agricultural properties.

What We Do Provide

Real Estate

Our real estate investment philosophy is based on our belief that the real estate market is imperfect and moves cyclically.

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Aibanco is a fast paced growing company, which has diverse interests in the supply of finished building materials.

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